Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Fabric find and I mean great!!!!!!!

Good thing I never claimed to be a great blogger! I really meant to post several weeks ago about my great fabric find but as per usual for me, I procrastinated!!!!! My roommate called me a couple Fridays ago to tell me there was a fabric sale going on in the Mennonite section of town. He didn't know how much anything was and could only tell me there were tables of fabric filled with rolls of it. I told him they were actually called bolts and that I really didn't need anymore fabric. Did that stop me from driving over there? Heck no! At first I didn't think there was too much to my liking since a lot of the fabric was geared to Mennonite dresses, etc but then I looked closer and found several pieces that "spoke to me"! The fabric was from liquidation sales and each bolt seemed to be marked down to quite reasonable prices. Then I spied the prices on the tables...everything was marked down by 30% to 75% more! I picked out several "foody" pieces, a red checked daisy piece and an "almost ticking" piece. Along with that I bought 2 yards each  of 5  solids.  I ended up with 20 yards of fabric(yes, I know I said I didn't need more fabric) that cost me an exorbitant $17.83! Yep, you read that correctly! 20 yards of fabric for under a dollar a yard. The "almost ticking" piece is 60 inches wide and I got 4+ yards of it at 62 cents a yard!!!!. I have already made a cute little bag with it and I figure it will make a great quilt backing.

Here is the complete purchase.

These are the prints I bought. 4 yards plus of the striped fabric and 2 yards each of the other prints.

These are the solids I bought. Not great color on the pinks. The one on the far left is a soft pink, the one on the right is a rose color and the piece on the far right is a lavender.
 Can you believe what a great buy I found? So much fun and less than $20!!!!!!

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