Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My "Pin It" Winner!!!! Congratulations Robin!

I drew my winner's name last night and Robin from Robin's Fabric Nest is my winner. I have been in touch via email and have all the pertinent information I need to get her giveaway to her!

Congratulations again Robin and I hope you enjoy your fabric and notions!

I want to thank everyone for coming by and visiting my blog during this hop! I really had fun making all the pincushions! Hope you enjoyed them also!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pin It Blog Hop....My Day!!!

I never thought I would look forward to Friday the 13th but I couldn't wait for it to get here this week!!! Yes, it is my day to show y'all my pincushions. This is another great Hop organized by Madam Samm! Our wonderful Head Cheerleader is Kristen who kept us under control and ready to go!!!!

My first pincushion is my little owl buddy, Hootie! I had so much fun making him...picking the colors and using my stash. I tried my best not to shop for anything for this hop and I kept pretty close to this goal. I did have to buy a few little things but really used things I already had! Are you proud of me? I used crushed walnuts for the filling of most of my pincushions. I bought a large bag at PetSmart and can't believe that I have almost used the whole 7 lbs!  Without further ado, here is Hootie!(Click on the photos to see the enlarged version!)
I found this pattern by Jennifer and fell in love with him! He has pockets on the front where you can store scissors, etc. His wing holds needles quite well and yes, I stuck his head with pins...sorry Hootie!

My next project is another favorite of mine...Teddy Bears!!! I couldn't make just one of them since they were so cute. I decided that gingham was a good choice for the fabric. Here they are, my little teddies! The pattern is by Lisa Dopking.
After making the blue and red teddy bears, I decided I needed a Christmas teddy!!

Remember back to the It's For the Birds hop when I made my pincushion with the single red bird among all the white ones? Well, I had some adorable fabric with a single red cat and I had to make a pincushion to go with my cute little birdie!

I made another similar pincushion with some modern fabric that has become my "pincushion" while sewing all the others. I love the bright colors...a little different for me. If you click and make it larger, you can see all the pinholes from all the use!
I have always wanted to make a pincushion/organizer and thought that this would be the time to try it!
I got the pattern from Sew Mama Sew. It was designed by Elizabeth Hartman. I decided I wanted red and black so it would stand out. I even found red, black and white pin heads!!! I love the pockets for little notions and the thread catcher. I am awful about just dropping the threads anywhere...mostly on me so maybe this will help!
While looking around for patterns I came across this "skinny" pincushion! It is wonderful because it sits in front of your sewing machine right where you need it! I had a remnant with polka dots and a co-coordinating leaf pattern that worked just great! I really like this little log.
 I then found this great pattern for a block style pincushion.The pattern is by Heather Bailey. Her pincushions were done in bright colors like orange and yellow. I decided that I wanted to use my black "pincushion" fabric. Then I had to find something for the sides and lo and behold, I had this great black polka dot fabric that I got in a Traveling Stash box. Click on the photo to see the teeny tiny polka dots on the sides.

 At the last minute, I decided to do another pincushion. I found the pattern a long time ago at DIY network but didn't haveany extra candlestick holders! Well, a trip of "Goodwill" hunting put an end to that problem! So here are my last minute Dress Form Mannequin pincushions. They were so much fun to make and extremely easy! I added raggedy flower pin to each shoulder and they were good to go! Notice I try to match my pin colors to the pincushions.

A Christmas ornament for a "head" and a cute flower pin and they were all done.

Now last but not least my really fun pincushions! I could not resist making these coffee cup and tea cup pincushions.I found the pattern on Joann's site. I decided to have a tea party and invite Madame Samm and her competitor...I mean friend, Carol! Of course, Madame Samm gets the coffee cup and since I am a tea drinker, I got the tea what to do for Carol?  Well, I had this sweet fabric with pink cups and saucers on it but what to fill it with? Sorry Carol you got the "warm milk" but you did get the lacy saucer! (And yes, Carol, I had to use a hot glue gun!)I baked cookies for us so I hope y'all enjoy my tea party!!!!
Here are our coffee, tea and warm milk all ready  to go with the freshly baked cookies.

Here is a close up of each cup! Aren't they cute?

Since you have made it this far, I think you deserve a giveaway! All you need to do is make a comment and you will have a chance to win! Follow my blog and leave a comment to have a second chance. I have three fat quarters of Denyse Schmidt's Meadowlark. I am also including some cute little pins(a must in a pincushion hop), and a wonderful bobbin holder. To go along with these, I will include your choice of one of the black block pincushions(red, lilac or turquoise ribbon). I will be drawing a name randomly on September 17th.
Thank you so much for visiting me  and don't forget to visit all the other blogs participating today!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rostov Treats

After a very long two day flight, the kids are finally in Rostov, Russia. They are looking for a place to live and seeing the sights AND getting over jet lag. They left Las Vegas at 9:30 Saturday night and arrived in Rostov on Tuesday...I think. There were so many time zone changes it was hard to keep track! A really long layover in London that they made good use of and got to see Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch and Queen Victoria's monument. A quick visit but a great time killer. Then on to Moscow where there was another long layover with no sightseeing so it was really tedious! Finally the last leg to Rostov and sleep! Here is the flights that I followed on Flight Aware.
Las Vegas to London

London to Moscow
I got to talk to them on the phone Monday afternoon. Four o'clock my time, Midnight their time. Teddy had slept his "normal" time and was wide awake and ready to go!  It will take a while to get over the jet lag!

Here is a picture taken today in Rostov.

Boy, doesn't that look yummy?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Love this photo!

My grandchildren are visiting their other grandparents in Utah and have been fishing with Grandpa quite a bit. Yesterday they hit the jackpot. Maddie reeled the fish in and Teddy netted him. Aren't they cute....BTW, they said the fish tasted great! It is a bass. They had caught a blue gill and were reeling him in when the bass decided he wanted the blue gill for dinner...all he got for his effort was being caught and cooked for dinner!!!!

It all starts next week!!!!!!

Yes, it is almost here! The Pin It Blog Hop is coming soon! Madam Samm and Kristen our head cheerleader have come up with this wonderful hop. Want to see lots of cool pincushions? Well, then just visit these blogs starting September 10th:

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