Saturday, July 20, 2013

Long time, No post!

Well, it has certainly been an interesting couple of months! I was all excited that my kids were coming to visit the first of June. They did come but I decided on a different kind of vacation. Would you believe a four day stay in the hospital with cellulitis in my left leg. Of course, I should have gone to the doctor sooner but I kept telling myself that I would get better soon. My son didn't listen to me and dragged me to the ER. I knew they would keep me once I was there so I missed being home with the kids but it had to be. Anyway, after 4 days in the hospital and 3 weeks of antibiotics I was much better but still a bit ragged around the edges. I didn't sew for over a month...a record for me but the leg bothered me too much to sit at the machine. I am now almost back to normal....whatever normal is!

Since the kids are leaving for Russia for a year, I decided that my daughter-in-law needed a new big purse for the trip. I found  Michelle's messenger bag  and off I went! I love the pattern and it is so easy to make because her directions are so clear.
Believe it or not, the circles didn't get to me!

Once I had the bag made, I decided she needed accessories to go with it so again, I went to Michelle's and found this really cute pleated pouch. I saw her adaptation with the strap hook so I copied that!
The red straps match the lining for both bags.

Key Fob and little clutch

Put them all together and here is the complete ensemble
Once I finished Mom's purse, I decided I had to make one for my granddaughter also. I used the same pattern from Michelle but the small size.
I also made her a mini pleated pouch. Since I didn't have enough of the pink and green striped fabric, I used some cute candy fabric. What better for a little girl?
Everything is finished and now ready to send off on Monday! If you love these bags like I do, you must visit Michelle's Patterns and check out all of her patterns! You won't be sorry when you do!!