Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Foxes find a Home!

I'll start off the week with photos of the mother-to-be and her Sarasota gifts! Yes, there will be two showers, one in Florida and one in Georgia. I am saving her real "foxy" gifts for the Georgia one but have to show two photos from her shower on Sunday.

Since I am not busy making making foxes at the moment, I had to find something new to sew and I did! I found these cute lunch bags on Purl Soho. Of course, I couldn't leave them plain so out came my appliqued alphabets! I made one for my granddaughter and one for her friend. These were really fun to make...sure an upgrade from the old brown bags we used to take our lunches in!
Patriotic red, white and blue

Still polka dots, but orange this time

From the side

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Final project of the week and this is a WIP...I had to order the fabric for the backing but I think I found the perfect design! I saw this pattern on Love, Laugh and Quilt and had to copy her pattern. Her's is so pretty and soft and "pastel-y" that a word? Because of the charms and other fabric I had available(remember most of my material is in storage) mine turned out quite bold and bright.

I have a bit too much brown at the bottom but I can live with it!
Flower of the week are white roses that Maddie put in blue water...thus beautiful blue roses!

Glad you stopped by this week and come back again!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


I am still making foxes...this time softies! I found this great pattern at Stitched by Crystal. He is just a simple toy to make but each one has a personality of his own. I added mouths to them and of course, the girl fox has eyelashes. I stayed with the color scheme of orange and gray.

How many of  you know why I named them Freddie and Flossie Fox?....Watch out, you will be showing your age!!!

I have also been working on little pouches to hold pencils, named The Gobbler by Wendi at Shiny, Happy World. They are so much fun to make and really easy and what kid doesn't love monsters? I have made two so far but am planning more to donate to the schools for prizes.

A girl monster...see her fancy eyes?

Looking a bit hungry!

Mouth full of pencils...someone has to do it!

The eyes are a bit off center but then most monsters are a bit off center!!!!!

 Now for the flower of the week. Almost everyday, Maddie brings me a flower to keep by my sewing machine! Here is one of my favorites, the Spider Lily. I really don't like spiders but the flower is really neat so I like spiders as long as they are flowers...not the arachnids!

Glad you stopped by and visited. Be sure to come back again soon!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Foxes, Fishes, Turtles and Boxes!! Oh, My!

This has been a really fun week! I finished two quilts for my "foxy" baby gifts. The first one was made with a Mama and Me charm pack. I added a fox applique on front. I could not find an applique that I really loved but did find a picture so my very talented daughter-in-law drew one for me! Isn't he adorable? For the backing I ran across an out of print fabric called Nordic Fox. It was a perfect match for the charms! I added a black binding that had red, gray, blue and white dots! Fun, fun, fun!

Mama and Me Charms

My grandson Teddy was my quilt holder this week. See the cute Nordic Foxes?

I was having so much fun with the little charm quilts that I found some green and white dotted charms that I have had forever! Sewed them together and added a fish to the front. I used some of my favorite (and now almost depleted navy and green fabric) for the back and decided to add another applique...this time a turtle! I got my idea for adding the appliques from Aunt Polly's Porch. You have to check out her wonderful quilts for her grandson along with the "grand room" she has designed for him! And be sure to watch out for Yogi! He is adorable.

The "bubbly " front with the cute little fish!

My favorite navy and lime backing with the happy turtle.
I found the aquatic appliques on Craftsy in Pamalama Jo's Designs. Aren't they cute?

Here are close-ups of the three appliques:

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fish

Mr. Turtle

Were you lucky enough to get a free Craftsy class from Joann's? I was and I chose Sew Sturdy: Home Organizers by Annie Unrein. It is a fabulous class and I can't wait until I can make the Catch-All Caddy! Here is the small organizer box that I made. I made it for my granddaughter, Maddie  in her favorite colors of purple and green.

To end this post, I have one more beautiful rose that Maddie picked for me. This might be the last one of the season so I looked at it whenever I could.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Thankfully I am over my summer cold that visited  last week. I really didn't get much sewing done because of my drippy nose and constant sneezing! I finally got things going by the weekend and I finished up my QAYG coin quilt! I am so glad that I made a second one with orange and gray..I really think it is striking and fun at the same time. I made a quilt label with a fox applique because I found out the mother-to-be is going to be using foxes in her decor of the nursery. I think he turned out really cute!(If you can't read the lettering it says: JAS IV...yep this baby is the fourth with these initials) I got my granddaughter to hold the quilt for me. Thank you Maddie!.

Here is the front. I used Connecting Threads Sketched Stone for the sashing and their Orangina in Pin Dots for the binding.

 The backing is Pretty Dots in Light Stone
On the back corner is my cute little appliqued fox!

Close up of JAS IV  2016 

I decided that the baby will need a stuffed fox or two and here is the first one I have made. I have a couple more planned...this will be a really "foxy" baby! It is a pattern from DIY Fluffies. They are not really easy because of their small size so I enlarged the pattern to 120% and I think I will try him at 110% next. One thing about the regular size is that it can be cut out of scraps of fabric but you do have to be patient while sewing him! ( I know it sounds weird but I am in love with his tail!)

Mr. Fox from the front

His profile. Isn't his tail cute!!!!

He told me that this was his best side! LOL!

My last project this week was finishing up the cloth napkins I started a couple of weeks ago. Remember when I made the cord covers and my daughter-in-law thought they were napkin holders? Well, they do work really well for that purpose also! I love lime and navy so that is what I made. My grandson decided they were all right because I made a boy's side and a girl's side. He thought the flowery side was too "girly" but the circles were just right!

For boys and girls!
 I am waiting for some fabric to arrive so I can start a couple more projects. I thought I wouldn't be buying much fabric because I don't live less than a mile from Joann's anymore but the internet makes ordering things way too easy!

And for a final happy thought! The house is under contract. It happened the third day it was on the market. So please cross your fingers that everything goes swimmingly( probably shouldn't have used that term since most everything was underwater last week because of Hermine!)  My house is fortunately in a good high location.