Monday, November 25, 2013


Yes, I won another Traveling Stash Box! Well, really again since I won Box #3 last spring but boy, had it changed! Shanna from Sparrow in Flight picked  my number! And am I excited!( (I have very limited space to take a photo of all the things in the box, so click on Shanna's link and see what is in there.( You will have to mentally remove what the two of took but that isn't that hard!) Of course, first came the fun of seeing what was in the box...then the hard part! Choosing what I wanted to take. I finally decided and here is what I chose:

Aren't they gorgeous? The bright green goes perfectly with the Christmas fabric I bought last week. This is the second time I have been lucky enough to grab that fabulous Debbie Mumm checked fabric...I love it!  

Now onto what I have added back into the box. Click on the photo to see the fabric up close and personal!


Here is what I added. The top left fabric is a yard of Denyse Schmidt's Meadowlark. Right to it is a 1/2 yard of another of the Meadowlark  and to the right of it is a 1/2 yard piece of  Daisy in Blue and Olive by Kei for Yuwa of Japan.that goes oh so well with the first two! On the left is from top to bottom a gorgeous piece called Bird and Pomegranate by William Morris, two polka dot fat quarters and at the bottom are two mini charms: Boho and Enchanted Pond by Moda. The two pieces on the right are two half yards by Heidi Grace...sure wish I had bought more of those!

Do you want to win this box?(It is all stuffed into a medium flat rate box) Easy! Just leave a comment on this post and you have a chance! You have until 8 o'clock Monday evening December 2 to make a comment. For a second chance, follow me!  Oh wait, there are a few rules...aren't there always? Here they are:

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be an active blogger -- post about receiving the box and the giveaway in a timely manner.
  • Update the travel log in the box to let others know where the box has been.
  • There is a list of rules and guidelines in the box -- be sure to follow these to keep the box full of quality items and the experience positive for everyone.
  • You may take any items from the box just be sure that you are replacing them with quality and comparable items.
  • Ship box to the next person timely -- and communicate tracking information with recipient.
  • Shipping is within the US only.

Important Things to Remember

  • Please ensure that items in the box are quality. If items in the box are poor quality they should be removed. Items that are being removed can be offered for optional inclusion to the next recipient. Poor quality items can be discarded but this should be done with discretion. 
  • Only include items that you would be proud to own -- this is not a dumping ground for outdated or worn items.
  • Items should be free of smoke, odors  and pet hair.
  • You must replace all items that you take with items of equal value and replacing with more than you take is welcome.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Great Fabric Bargains...and I do mean Great!!!!

I dropped by my LQS last week and boy did I make out like a bandit! Linda always has a sale section and this time she had an additional BARGAIN section. To top that off, she was having a 20% off everything. I bought 6 pieces of fabric totaling 20 yards and the price? A totally unbelievable $48! Yes, that comes to $2.40 a you believe that? So without further ado, here are my great buys!

These two fabrics were not designed together but don't they work well? The top fabric is called "Hoodies Collection Kiss Me" by Timeless Collections. The bottom one is also Timeless Collections and is called Stripes. It is a series of different stitches. I'm not sure what I will do with these but it will definitely be together!

The third piece of fabric is from Riley Blake. It is "Sew Cherry" by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. It really feels neat to buy fabric from someone who's blog I read  regularly! Kinda' makes it seem like family!

The fourth piece of fabric is this cute little nautical fabric  "Ships Ahoy" by Benartex . I have a layer cake of lighthouses that go well with this. It will make a great backing for the lighthouses.

This gorgeous fabric is Katagami  by Allentown Museum by Red Rooster. It is navy and white and just absolutely beautiful. It is so soft and luscious!

The last piece is a gorgeous Christmas "Alpine Wonderland" by Sheli McCulley for Riley Blake. It is green and red but I love that it is a modern green and red not the more traditional shades which surprises me since I am really a traditional girl!

So for the amazing cost of $48 I got all of this wonderful fabric. Can you believe it? I just wish I had some more money to know, you never have enough fabric!