Saturday, February 27, 2016

Elephants, Bears and Paperdolls! Oh, My!!!!

This week I made my first stuffed softies from Wendi's fun patterns. I finished my elephant and teddy bear and have a cat and dog to go!

I love my elephant and have a pink one planned (doesn't everyone need a pink elephant?)
I love his big floppy ears!
Of course, I have many more teddies planned of all colors. I used pleather for his nose and faux suede for his face, "hands" and feet!

He seems right at home sitting in my chair!

Here are a few more paperdoll blocks. This week I made ones with my kids and grandkids! Oh course, I had to use my memory for what my kids wore all those years ago! Thank goodness the grandkids are recent so I didn't have to use too many brain cells for those!

First up is my oldest son and one of my favorite outfits he ever had! His grandmother gave him these quilted overalls when he was really little so I had to put a huge hem in them! He wore them until I couldn't let them out anymore and then they were passed down to his brother.( I did take poetic license with them because the original quilted knees and pocket were yellow calico.)
I then moved on to my younger son. He played soccer from 1st grade until he graduated so what is more apropos than his soccer uniform. The cleats were lots of fun to add!
Then I made one of my granddaughter and the outfit we shopped for on her last birthday. She picked out the whole outfit and was especially proud of her Sketcher shoes with memory foam. She had wanted them for so long and then found them to match the outfit she had chosen!!!!
Last but not least is my grandson and his swim suit! When they come to visit, swimwear is all you see them in! They love the beach. I had fun putting the whale appliques on both his swimsuit and protective shirt. Fun, fun!
One other block I finished was "Lily" my Easter girl! It was based on  a dress that my grandmother made me when I was 8 or 9. The dress was yellow dotted swiss (remember that?) and I had black patent leather shoes. I loved that dress! I added an Easter basket filled with flowers.

I have at least two more softies to make...a cat and a dog and of course I am still working on my paperdoll and house blocks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun with Paperdolls!!!

I have a new addiction now! I'm still making my Shiny Happy House blocks but I now am doing a Paperdoll quilt also. The pattern comes from the clever mind of Wendi Gratz and let me tell you that once you start, you won't be able to stop. Wendi's pattern are only a guide because you can make them your own with tiny little touches that make each block yours!

My very first block is one I named Heidi. Why Heidi, who know? It just seemed to fit! She is all dressed up for her first day of school in her cute little denim jumper with a co-ordinating plaid shirt and blue tights. 

 I them designed Artie. He has on a long sleeved red shirt and bright blue pants.

Then came Violet! This is the first block that I added a bit of me into the block. Since I was naming all the dolls, someone asked me why not add their name to the block, so I did! I also added a bow to her hair and a bit of lace to the hem of her dress.

I now have plans for a lot more dolls! I am going to make ones for the holidays, and ones named for friends and family. I am having a blast doing them and I hope you have fun seeing them. Keep an eye peeled for more blocks soon!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Shiny, Happy Houses!

I have been busy making new blocks for my Shiny, Happy House Quilt. This has turned into an addiction for me! I keep thinking of new styles of houses to make so I just keep making them! The houses started out fairly simple but as I have continued making them, I keep adding more and more details.
Note the cute little kitty in front of the bush.

The first house of the week was the flowery house. I added a flower box filled with flowers. The roof and front section of it are also quite "flowery"

For the rustic cabin, I added a doggie holding a bone
I then decided that my quilt was going to need a log cabin. Let me tell you that the logs were really fun!

My roommate tells me that flying the kite with that tail is impossible....and I said so pretend!
Next I came up with a two story house with a matching doghouse and white picket fence. Of course, the block needed a kite and a puppy in the doghouse!
The beginnings of a forest...
I decided that I really needed a snowy scene. The roof and the ground are both sewn with glittery white fabric. Since I live in Florida, I had to do the snow from memory!
Gold metallic thread makes the lighthouse beams of light
I had fun designing the water and the lighthouse. There were lots of pieces to applique but it worked out in the end!
Finally a scene from around here
After all the snow scenes that I have done, I decided that a beach cottage was really needed! Palm trees with a hammock, surfboards on the beach just waiting to be used, and even a beach all we need is warm weather! I'm on the Gulf of Mexico and it has been in the 30's at night! Brrrrrrr........

Hope you have enjoyed my house tour and maybe you want to join in the fun! Just click on the Shiny, Happy House link at the top of the blog to get the pattern.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Neighborhood Party...Join in!

Have you heard about the "Neighborhood Party" going on over at Hilachas' Neighborhood Party?  Why not come and join us? I am having so much fun making my blocks for this party! I spent some of my weekend making two blocks. The first was a chilly winter block...what is more appropriate for someone from Florida? It is full of snow along with a cute little snowman! Just like around here........

The snow and the sky are both "glittery" as well as the snowman.

 After I finished the first one, I couldn't stop. So off I went with my second block! What to do that was a bit different? How about a group of townhouses? Sure...I have a problem picking out the fabric for one house, so why not five? A brilliant blue sky directed me to use bright and cheerful colors like you would  find in San Francisco's Painted Ladies and Charleston's Rainbow Row. I had to make so many decisions with colors and styles that it wasn't funny but it was well worth it in the end. I think I would like to live on a block like this! Wouldn't you?
I still need to add some colorful buttons for doorknobs. More decisions for color!

Here is an added block! I decided to try for a Victorian look for this block and a cute little doggie for a pet! I used some lace for the gingerbread look on the front of the house. Who wouldn't want to live in this house?

I plan on making a few more blocks so why not come join in the party? There is always room for one more!