Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rostov Treats

After a very long two day flight, the kids are finally in Rostov, Russia. They are looking for a place to live and seeing the sights AND getting over jet lag. They left Las Vegas at 9:30 Saturday night and arrived in Rostov on Tuesday...I think. There were so many time zone changes it was hard to keep track! A really long layover in London that they made good use of and got to see Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch and Queen Victoria's monument. A quick visit but a great time killer. Then on to Moscow where there was another long layover with no sightseeing so it was really tedious! Finally the last leg to Rostov and sleep! Here is the flights that I followed on Flight Aware.
Las Vegas to London

London to Moscow
I got to talk to them on the phone Monday afternoon. Four o'clock my time, Midnight their time. Teddy had slept his "normal" time and was wide awake and ready to go!  It will take a while to get over the jet lag!

Here is a picture taken today in Rostov.

Boy, doesn't that look yummy?

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