Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cleaning out my least a start!!!!

Not a really exciting week but I decided that I really have to start using some, make that a lot, of my stash! I have to admit I have become a fabric-holic! When Joann's has their Red Tag fabric marked half-price I can not resist. Many times you can get yardage for $1 to $2. Even Denyse Schmidt if offered for only $3.50 a can not beat that. You have to really search for the "good stuff" but it can be done and for some reason, our Joann's is always full of Red Tag specials! Thus, the need to clear out the stash!

First up was some fleece that I bought for goodness know what? I had three almost yard pieces that I bought in the remnant basket. Lucky for me the colors went together well....whew, because I sure didn't want to buy any more fleece! I decided to make a "rag" quilt. Of course, there is only one layer but it turned out really cute. It will be perfect to use as a cover up when the weather finally turns chilly. And boy is it bright!

I still have to turn it over and clip all the seams but from the "smooth" side you can see how cheery this throw turned out!
Since I didn't have my sewing machine last week, I dragged out lots of fabric to make more pillowcases. The first one I made is for my grandson. When he was here last summer, I made him a hat and backpack from snake fabric...yep, snakes. It had two things going for it! It was green(his favorite color) and it was covered with snakes...icky to me but fun for a 4 1/2 year old. I don't have a photo of the backpack but here is Teddy on the first day of school in his hat!

His mother says he normally won't wear a hat but he loves this one!

I fortunately had just enough fabric left to make a pillowcase. Can't wait to send it to him!

How would you like sleeping on snakes? Guess you need to be a little boy!

 The rest of the pillowcases are cut out but not sewn. Guess that will happen this weekend, so here is a preview of what's to come!

What little boy doesn't love football?
And dinosaurs?

And toy cars and tractors?

OK, I finally cut out one that isn't for a little boy!  Click to see the neat pattern!

At least I have start on using my stash. My next projects will be bags for Christmas wrapping, and I have loads of Christmas fabric so I should be quite busy! How many of you are trying to use your stash also? I can't be the only one, can I?


  1. I have been using my stash a lot more as well. I had been doing so good, but then art gallery released some new lines lol! I love their fabric! Also I wanted to let you know I got your package, thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! You have been busy sewing pillowcases! I have bits of flannel left from the pajama bottoms so I think I'll go make! You did this to me! LOL

  3. I am really trying to do the same thing Sue! Great that you are making so many lovely pillowcases!