Saturday, March 5, 2016

Emily and her Fantastic Wardrobe!!!

This week I have been busy making Emily and her wardrobe! She is another pattern from the creative mind of Wendi at Shiny, Happy World. Believe me when I say Wendi's  patterns are addictive!

Here is Emily in her "sparkly" top and skirt! She will be able to wear this outfit for the 4th of July!
I also made her a pair of shorts out of the same sparkly denim so she will have to make a decision of which one to wear!

Next up is the same shorts but with a bright red top! She is a very patriotic girl you know!

She might get a bit cold so she also has a pair of striped overalls that go with her red top.
She really isn't being choked...I used my granddaughters's doll stand so Emily could stand upright!
I guess she decided that the overalls were too warm so she put on another pair of denim shorts, this time a bit lighter in color. She added a new shirt, too. This one is blue and green specks with shiny green snaps! What a stylish girl!
Well, the day finally came to an end and Emily put on her flannel jammies and got her little doll out so they could go to bed. It's been a long, hard day! Yawn!

I am going to make another doll and lots more clothes for my granddaughter and her friends...cross your fingers I get most of it done by next week when I get to see her!


  1. what beautiful things you have here.
    The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
    Snowy greetings

  2. Oh My! This little doll is adorable! I have made a ton of doll clothes for my daughters when they were young, but not a doll. I don't have grandchildren yet, but may to have to make one of these cuties. Beautiful job!