Monday, June 8, 2009


I want to thank everyone for coming by and visiting my new little blog! I had so much fun with this giveaway...Guess it is true that it is better to give than to receive! The number picked for the 3 fat quarters, 5 (I added one!) zippers and the Quilt Label Fabric sheets is.......
JOYCE ! Congratulations!

I had decided that if there were at least 75 comments left, I would add a second giveaway and we just made it! So off to Random Generator I went again! And the second winner is.. TASHA! Now you(and she) may be wondering what she won since I belatedly added a second prize. I went looking through my fabric closet and found this really pretty set of fat quarters all wrapped up in ribbon. I think it is really pretty...hope Tasha does also!

I have emailed both of you so please email me back and let me know your mailing addresses so I can get your giveaways off! The winners will have three days to get in contact with me. If the prize isn't claimed by Thursday, June 11th at 8 P.M., a new winner will be randomly selected sometime on Friday. I had lots of fun and I hope everyone who commented did, too. Check back here because I think I may do another giveaway soon because I like meeting new sewing friends from all around the world!

ETA: Both giveaways have been claimed!!!!!


  1. I am so lucky!!! And did you know that I absolutely love polka dots! Thanks again.

  2. Too bad I didn't win, but glad that you found the AllieBrown Layout site and enjoyed it. I too found it on someone's blog. Glad to help another person. It is tough to pick just one layout!
    Good luck with the continued blogging.

  3. Congrats to the winners! PS: Sue, your blog is looking great! :)