Saturday, May 26, 2012



As I posted below, I picked two winners since the blog reached 100 comments! The first winner is Stephanie who had the first number drawn and chose the Victorian quilt. Here is her comment:  "This would be so sweet for my best friends little girl! She'd really treasure it."

 Stephanie, let me know if she likes it.

The second winner is  Caryn who has won the Happy, Cheery orange quilt. Her comment was:" I would love to win this because I look after 2 little girls occasionally and we have way too many trucks, robots and other things my 3 boys like to play with. It would be lovely to have some gentler play items (and they are really cute!)"


  1. Thank you so much! The quilt I won is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Hey! That was me! The little girl I'm still planning on giving it to still hasn't had her birthday yet, but I'll let you know how she likes it and take a picture of her with it and send it to you if mom says it's ok. Thanks!