Sunday, May 27, 2012

I AM A WINNER times FOUR!!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly! I won not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 times in the SewMamaSew Giveaway! I couldn't believe it. I was busy drawing my winners and emailing the winners when I discovered that I had won the prize from Half Stitched,  aFat Quarter set of Miscellany by Cloud 9 Fabrics.  They are so gorgeous! Thank you Alician.

 Then when I returned to my email to get in touch with Alician, what did I find but two more emails telling me I was a winner!!!! Whoa...who would have thunk it? The first emailed informed me that I had won the prize from sillymamaquilts which is a beautiful table runner. Isn't it gorgeous? And I have the perfect place for it!  Thank you so much Brooke!

The next email was from Tara of True, Pure, Lovely telling me that I had won her great giveaway of vintage fabric, and notions. I already have quite a few vintage pillowcases so now with all the new ones added, I am going to have to start making a quilt! Thank you so much Tara.

 And now last but certainly not least, I received an email from Rebeckah, of Handmade By Rebeckah telling me that I had won the Traveling Stash!!!!  I'll be honest I had never heard of this before. Here is a link to find out all about the stash. Pots and Pins. And here is a link to when and where the stash has been. Sewing Along .  Since I get to choose what I would like from the stash and then add to it, I will be having a Traveling Stash Giveaway in the near future. So please check back. I will advertise the Giveaway. And I plan on having a smaller giveaway at the same time so you will have a chance of two different giveaways at once. Thank you Rebeckah for both the stash but also for all the suggestions to how to pass it on.


  1. can I see a picture of your butt?
    I mean, it's incredible how lucky you are!
    good for you ^^)

  2. Wow, Can you send me some of your luck please?
    So happy for you!

    1. Heck, lucky at Giveaways, why not the lottery? With 6 numbers to win, why can't I even get 1?

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