Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Bird Tree Wiinner and other "Stuff"!!!

Sorry it took me so long to post my winner! I have notified her so all is good on that front! My winner was Mary from Quilting Through Rose Colored Trifocals(don't you just love that name?)! Here is what she told us about her weather!

"Wow, you've been busy!! Love the idea of using a birdy fabric for a tote -- I need to do that, too!! I'm in Northeast Ohio and we have my "favorite" weather combo, melting snow and mud, but it's in the low 40's and after the deep freeze of February, it's great!!"

 I had many questions about the Button Pins so I went back and added a link to Madam Samm's post about them. She tells how to make them plus has a great link for buttons. They are so much fun to make and are sooooo cute! Check out the link and you, too, will soon be making cute little button pins!

I have been working on two more Campfire Messenger bags from the Bag of the Month Club. If you join now, you will receive January, February and March patterns immediately and next Wednesday, the April pattern will make an appearance!!! I cannot wait. Here is my second Campfire Messenger Bag by Noodlehead . I love this pattern and I should have another one to share with you by the first of the week!

Front of my bag. I bought this fabric several years ago for some forgotten project but it was just perfect for the front flap! I truly love this fabric and am so glad I found a great use for it!

This is the inside of the flap; again it is from the same fabric family. Aren't the colors bright and cheery?
Here is my recessed zipper and a view of the lovely chevron fabric I found to match everything.

I want to thank everyone who dropped by to visit my Bird Tree post. I read each and every post and replied to everyone til the dreaded flu hit me and I just didn't have the "get up and go" to reply...sorry but I did read all! Reading about some of the weather in the northern states made me really cold! In Florida, 40 is "freezing" to us!

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  1. Congrats to Mary! The flu is no fun, so I hope you're feeling better!