Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun with Paperdolls!!!

I have a new addiction now! I'm still making my Shiny Happy House blocks but I now am doing a Paperdoll quilt also. The pattern comes from the clever mind of Wendi Gratz and let me tell you that once you start, you won't be able to stop. Wendi's pattern are only a guide because you can make them your own with tiny little touches that make each block yours!

My very first block is one I named Heidi. Why Heidi, who know? It just seemed to fit! She is all dressed up for her first day of school in her cute little denim jumper with a co-ordinating plaid shirt and blue tights. 

 I them designed Artie. He has on a long sleeved red shirt and bright blue pants.

Then came Violet! This is the first block that I added a bit of me into the block. Since I was naming all the dolls, someone asked me why not add their name to the block, so I did! I also added a bow to her hair and a bit of lace to the hem of her dress.

I now have plans for a lot more dolls! I am going to make ones for the holidays, and ones named for friends and family. I am having a blast doing them and I hope you have fun seeing them. Keep an eye peeled for more blocks soon!!


  1. These are just adorable. You can make some for individuals or make some to turn into a quilt. Love the fun!