Friday, February 12, 2016

Shiny, Happy Houses!

I have been busy making new blocks for my Shiny, Happy House Quilt. This has turned into an addiction for me! I keep thinking of new styles of houses to make so I just keep making them! The houses started out fairly simple but as I have continued making them, I keep adding more and more details.
Note the cute little kitty in front of the bush.

The first house of the week was the flowery house. I added a flower box filled with flowers. The roof and front section of it are also quite "flowery"

For the rustic cabin, I added a doggie holding a bone
I then decided that my quilt was going to need a log cabin. Let me tell you that the logs were really fun!

My roommate tells me that flying the kite with that tail is impossible....and I said so pretend!
Next I came up with a two story house with a matching doghouse and white picket fence. Of course, the block needed a kite and a puppy in the doghouse!
The beginnings of a forest...
I decided that I really needed a snowy scene. The roof and the ground are both sewn with glittery white fabric. Since I live in Florida, I had to do the snow from memory!
Gold metallic thread makes the lighthouse beams of light
I had fun designing the water and the lighthouse. There were lots of pieces to applique but it worked out in the end!
Finally a scene from around here
After all the snow scenes that I have done, I decided that a beach cottage was really needed! Palm trees with a hammock, surfboards on the beach just waiting to be used, and even a beach all we need is warm weather! I'm on the Gulf of Mexico and it has been in the 30's at night! Brrrrrrr........

Hope you have enjoyed my house tour and maybe you want to join in the fun! Just click on the Shiny, Happy House link at the top of the blog to get the pattern.


  1. Oh my goodness! The detail in your house blocks is pretty incredible! Love them all!

  2. These house blocks are so fun! No wonder you find them addictive. I love the beach one best...probably because it's so cold here!