Friday, April 15, 2016

Topsy Turvy

I have had lots of fun this past week making several dolls. First up is Topsy Turvy! This is a doll who has two heads....and no feet! Most stories I have read say that this doll goes back to the Civil War(or the War Between the States, depending on where you grew up!) Those dolls would have a black mammy on one end and an anti-bellum lady on the other, or some would have Little Eva and Topsy. . Modern day dolls are known to have cartoon characters such as Little Red Riding Hood on one side and the Big Bad Wolf on the other. Since I was just practicing, I made Blue Girl and Pink Lady for mine. Next I want to make one end sleeping and the other wide awake!
Next on my agenda was to make my granddaughter's doll a cheerleader outfit. I made a reversible dress; maroon on one side and gray on the other. I still need to make some pompoms to go with the outfit!

 Wednesday, the new Dress Up Bunch dress came out. Since it is spring, Wendi decided that the dolls all needed to do some gardening and she provided us with a cute dress, belt, apron and of course, a sun hat! I found the perfect gardening fabric and off I went! (Oh btw, the new doll has a name! She is Jessie named for the cowgirl in Toy Story!)
Gardening dress with matching apron and of course, a sunhat for a red head!

The dress that I added a ruffle on the bottom to match.

The dress with the matching belt.

The whole she-bang! Dress, belt, apron and sunhat!!!
I have a few more of these dresses cut out and ready to go. I love the Dress Up Bunch! And please don't tell folks that I still like playing dolls...shhhhhh! If you love dolls, follow the link to Wendi's site and join in all the fun.


  1. Love you dolls! And what's wrong with still playing?? LOL

  2. They are super cute. I love dolls still!

  3. Very cute dolls! I have a 'sleepy/wakey' doll that my aunt made years ago. The yarn hair is nearly worn off, but it still sits on the pillow when I make my bed.