Friday, July 15, 2016

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner......

I finished absolutely nothing this week in the way of sewing! I did get a lot more packing done and enjoyed the comments on Lemons to Lemondade! I learned of many ways to use my lemons in the future. No more waiting.....


Chantal of At the Corner of Scrap and Quilts!!! Here is what she had to say:

 I love your bags. So wonderfully colourful! I too love navy and lime together. I do shy away from bold fabric though. I don't know why since I always appreciate it when others use such fabrics in their projects.
I use to put all my binding leftovers in the bin for string blocks. I saw a quilt made with such leftover bindings strings and now, I'm thinking I can do that too. Fabric that are old or "what was I thinking when I bought that" kind of fabric go for the backing of placemats. I also try to "hide" little pieces of them in my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt, whenever I can. Thank you for the chance to win. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and telling your lemonade story. 


  1. Thank you Sue! Thank you sooooo very much. (I didn't pay much attention to my computer as I am very upset by what's happening in France. I am so sad but you've made my day much brighter.) Thank you. ;^)