Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Foxes find a Home!

I'll start off the week with photos of the mother-to-be and her Sarasota gifts! Yes, there will be two showers, one in Florida and one in Georgia. I am saving her real "foxy" gifts for the Georgia one but have to show two photos from her shower on Sunday.

Since I am not busy making making foxes at the moment, I had to find something new to sew and I did! I found these cute lunch bags on Purl Soho. Of course, I couldn't leave them plain so out came my appliqued alphabets! I made one for my granddaughter and one for her friend. These were really fun to make...sure an upgrade from the old brown bags we used to take our lunches in!
Patriotic red, white and blue

Still polka dots, but orange this time

From the side

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Final project of the week and this is a WIP...I had to order the fabric for the backing but I think I found the perfect design! I saw this pattern on Love, Laugh and Quilt and had to copy her pattern. Her's is so pretty and soft and "pastel-y" that a word? Because of the charms and other fabric I had available(remember most of my material is in storage) mine turned out quite bold and bright.

I have a bit too much brown at the bottom but I can live with it!
Flower of the week are white roses that Maddie put in blue water...thus beautiful blue roses!

Glad you stopped by this week and come back again!


  1. Bold and bright is just right! Those roses - how fun!

  2. So many great projects! You're a busy girl!

  3. Those fox look so do those darling little bags.

    Your version of Beth's quilt is perfect. That is a great pattern.

    Love the blue tinges in the rose. Very clever!

  4. I especially like the quilt top, sometimes having restricted fabrics available makes for some unusual combinations that bring attractive results!

  5. Oh those foxes look wonderful! You have had a busy week making so many beautiful things :)

  6. So many fun projects! Super cute foxes :)

  7. Mother-to-be seems to love your foxes as much as I do. Kudos to you. The lunch bags are so cute. I had a square metal one with some animals on it. Time has changed. The apple applique on the back is really the cherry on top. lol. Too cute! ;^)

  8. Wow, those roses! Sarasota?! I know it and love it well. Do tell. Great photos of the mama-to-be with her quilted gems. Just adorable.

  9. Such cute projects. Those are spectacular roses. I'll have to remember that trick. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone, so I could find you and come by.

  10. Very swish lunch bags, certainly beat paper bags! Blue roses too, what fun :)

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