Friday, October 7, 2016


Since I have moved from Sarasota, FL(Hopefully everyone is safe from Matthew!) to Starkville, Mississippi I have become a Bulldogs fan(still a Gator at heart though!...just don't spread it around!). My son's house is right next to the MSU campus so many of the football fans come by his driveway to and from the game! My grandchildren have set up a lemonade stand and boy are folks happy to see them after their long, hot walk back to their cars!
Here is a photo from the first game!

This week we are going to add some handmade MSU gadgets to hopefully raise money for the local elementary schools. I figured that everyone needs key fobs and what is better than one that shows school spirit? I used the tutorial done by Jaime and Jacinda at Pretty Prudent.

Here are a few that I have made..glad they are easy to make!

 I also made Key Fob Lip Balm Holders from Emmaline Bags! These were easy and fun to make. I did have to plan ahead a bit to center the Bulldog but after doing it once, it was really easy. This sure helps keep the lip balm where one can get to it!

OK, the mushroom one has nothing to do with School Spirit but I really like it!

Last item on the agenda is A Cool It Can Cozy by So Sew Easy. Dont' you just love free tutorials? I sure do!

Easy to make once you figure out how to center it! A perfect fit for a can and it is insulated!!!

I still feel a little guilty not making any Gator items but when I get to my stored fabric, you can be sure I will and I will send them to my Gator friends.

Again, all of my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Florida...may you be safe!


  1. That is so awesome - what industrious grand kids you have - and the projects are sure to be a hit!

  2. What a great idea! We are state fans, too :)

  3. Oh what a lovely idea - I hope they're all massive hits!

  4. What clever ideas, both the lemonade stand and the school spirit "trinkets" for sale! I need to make some fun can coozies, I'm tired of the junky ones with real estate logos on them that we've been using...

    I notice you don't have a "follow my blog via email" option. Any chance you can add that? I'd love to get email notifications of your new posts so I don't get behind in the foxy news! :)

  5. Clever children! And good for you for helping out. Love the gadgets you made. Hope they sold out. So generous to give your time to a good cause. ;^)

  6. Your grandchildren are very smart cookies to set up their stand in such a likely location.
    The key fobs and lip balm holders are a great idea Sue! A fun way to show school spirit!

  7. You are making memories for you grands!!

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