Saturday, August 19, 2017

Maddie's Harry Potter Party...come on in and join the party!!!!

This is a quicky post so I can put all of my granddaughter's Harry Potter photos together. She, her mother and I have been madly making everything for her party in the last two weeks. Nothing like waiting til the last minute is there?

Birthday Girl Herself

All of the Hogwart Wizards

The Hogwart House Scarves

The Sorting Hat...if you look closely you can see the face!

The brooms...really looked cute in person. Maddie and her mom made them

The bank with the money bags...each bag had coins in it so that the kids could buy from the various stores.

Pygmy Puffs on top shelf and the Monster Books on the bottom. Maddie made all of these and boy did the Monster books shed!

Quills and inkpot

Brick wall to enter Diagon Alley
Master Spell Book and the smaller copies for all the guests.

Edible Magic Wands made with chocolate covered pretzels.

Pumpkin Pasties...I make something similar at Christmas so I just changed the filling to pumpkin. I actually made the pastry instead of using pie crust like suggested.

Chocolate Frogs...Maddie and her mom made these. They are filled with a peanut butter center. YUM.

Happy Birthday Banner...note the colors are the colors of the Hogwarts Houses.

The girls all had a fun time and were really happy to be going home with their own wand box and wand, broom, invitation and list of needed things for school, and a Wizardry Diploma. All in all a most fun and memorable day!


  1. Wow, what a party! You really pulled out all the stops to make this totally on-theme :) Glad to see you blogging again. I've missed you!

  2. I see some inspiration from Ikatbags - so awesome. Great ideas that kids can help with. And use afterwards. Love the pretzel stick wands! Happy Birrhday Maddie!

  3. So happy to see you in Blogland again. You were missed. Awesome party! Lots of things look so yummy. Great that the kids pitched in and made things too. ;^)

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