Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easter with the Grandkids

I am going to set a record for me and post again! Right after I finished my grandson's storage buckets, it was time to start work on Easter Baskets. For these I used Noodlehead's divided basket pattern. These were so much fun to make. I used glittery Easter fabric for both baskets, but lined my granddaughter's in pink & white fabric and my grandson's in bright orange. I filled both with all kinds of cute little Easter toys(and I snuck in a little bit of candy, too!) They had no problems telling who's was whose...Teddy in his cute little 3 year old voice told me his was orange....NOT pink!

Here they are with all the eggs they found at the Easter Egg Hunt at the University where their father teaches.

Maddie discovering eggs in her own front yard!

Look! I found a bright blue egg!
I had fun making the baskets and the kids had fun filling them! The baskets are quite sturdy and can be used for lots of fun things!

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