Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Teddy!

Well, like usual it has been forever since I have posted! I have good intentions but you know what good intentions get you! Anyway, I was busy the middle of March making some wonderful round bottomed storage buckets for my grandson's birthday. I found the tutorial on Film In The Fridge by Ashley. I had so much fun making them but of course, I failed to take photos. Actually this was probably a good thing since I had my daughter-in-law take some for me so I have pix of Teddy with his buckets. His Mom says he loves filling and emptying them. Glad to hear he likes filling them and hope he keeps on doing it!

Here are all 5 of them lined up.

Here is Teddy selecting a toy.

I was really lucky finding some great "little boy" fabric! All primary colors with dinosaurs and space ships! Who could ask for more?

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